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You're a busy woman, I know. Sometimes it's just a few questions, maybe you're not ready to commit to a longer process. Many small tweaks can provide amazing big results. Best for those who aren't ready to make a huge change, just dip your feet into what a great new skincare routine can offer.  

A 28-Day Skincare Challenge

This Back to Basics program is the perfect place to start your skincare education. We'll cover the Do's, Don'ts and Don't-Even-Bothers of skincare and provide you with a customized product regime based on your goals and budget. 

What's the big deal about SPF? Why do I need antioxidants? Does it really matter if I wash my face at night? We'll cover Face Wash to Face Powder and everything in between. Face the Facts start with a thorough interview and inventory on your skincare history, concerns and goals. From there you'll receive a skincare regime designed just for you. The package continues with unlimited email support for four weeks, daily challenges and coachings, as well as a 50-minute coaching during the first week. At the end of the 28-Day Challenge, we'll wrap up with a final 30-minute remote check-in and a lifetime Complexion Connoisseur membership!

An 8-Week Skin Overhaul Program

Are you at your wits end with your skin? Are you spending hours and hours, hundreds of dollars and not getting the results you want? If you're confused and frustrated from wasting time and money at the drug store, department store and dermatologist, don't lose hope! This eight-week, personalized program will put you on the road to success. Together we will document your skincare history, outline your concerns and goals, and create a customized skincare regime. You'll see results in no time--as well as enjoy relief from the emotional toil that problematic skin can bring. 

The Full About Face includes a thorough interview and inventory to begin our process, a first week 50-minute coaching, and continues with weekly 30 minute coaching sessions, four weeks of daily challenges and affirmations, unlimited email access for the entire program, personalized recommendations, nutritional coaching, and a lifetime Complexion Connoisseur membership!

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